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ZATOICHI ACTION VIDEOS Zatoichi Action Videos. Click here.
What's a Zatoichi? Zatoichi is the fictional, blind Japanese masseur and roving gambler (circa Japan, early 1800s), who, when innocent lives are threatened, becomes the ruthless swordsman who can cut down a dozen men -- yakuza and samurai alike -- before they know what hit them.

Available now on DVD! See why Zatoichi has become as famous a character as Indiana Jones is here in the States.

THE ZATOICHI STORE Visit The Zatoichi Store. Click here
Visit our new Zatoichi store. Available there are samurai swords and cane swords -- the same type of sword made famous by The Blind Master himself. We also offer miniature samurai sword-style letter openers.

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MESSAROUND RECORDS Messaround Records presents the Blues ... San Francisco style. Click here.
Featuring the Blues ... San Francisco style ... Messaround Records has produced four CDs highlighting the talents of such blues notables as Gary Smith, John "Broadway" Tucker, Jerry Miller, Charlie Musselwhite, Luther Tucker, Michael (Junior) Watson, Robert Lowery, Ron Thompson, Sonny Rhodes, Skip Rose, Nick Gravenites, Andy Just, and more.

If you're unfamiliar with San Francisco-style blues, song samples are available on the website.

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