Once he agrees to take on an assignment, Ogami never fails. But now he faces his greatest challenge yet: He has been hired to kill Oyuki, tattooed mistress of the martial arts!
While searching for Oyuki, Ogami and his son, Daigoro, are separated and Daigoro meets Yagyu Gunbei, a master swordsman and loser of the duel which won Ogami his position as official executioner.
Gunbei recognizes Daigoro and is about to kill him when Ogami appears and accepts his challenge to a duel. After the duel, father and son continue their search while dealing with several bands of Yagyu assassins sent to ensure their failure.
When Ogami finally meets Oyuki, he realizes that she does not deserve her fate. Yet the code of bushido (code of honor, code of duty) demands that Ogami carry out his assignment, which he does with great regret.
After giving Oyuki a proper cremation, Ogami brings her ashes to her father. But lurking in the shadow plotting his demise is the evil Lord Retsudo. And this time he's brought an army to ensure the job gets done right!
Color, stereo, English subtitles, 83 minutes, 1964, letterboxed, (not rated).

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