Five retainers of the Kuroda clan seek out Ogami to enlist his aid in saving the Clan. But first, they must ensure that he is capable of helping them. Each seeks out Ogami. If the Lone Wolf can defeat them, then with their dying breaths they will explain their mission and give him their share of the fee.
Lord Kuroda has retired and his true successor is his son, young Lord Matsumaru. However, Kuroda is so enamored with his mistress, that he decides their daughter should succeed him. He imprisons his son, and raises his daughter as a boy.
Jikei, a high priest trusted by Kuroda, has been given a document that details the Lord's plans. Unfortunately for the Kuroda clan, Jikei is a spy, and he sets off to deliver the incriminating document to Yagyu, thus ensuring the Kuroda's demise.
Only Ogami Itto has the skill to kill Jikei and recover the document before it reaches the hands of the evil Lord Yagyu Retsudo.
After retrieving the document, Ogami learns his mission is not quite finished. The only sure way to ensure the rightful succession is to kill Lord Kuroda, his mistress, and their daughter. But, in order to reach the demented Lord, he must confront and slay Lord Kuroda's loyal retainers -- the same men who, knowing it meant certain death, hired Ogami to save their Clan!
Color, stereo, English subtitles, 89 minutes, 1973, letterboxed, (not rated but contains nudity and extreme violence).

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