Toshiro Mifune recreates his famous role as the mercenary bodyguard, Yojimbo, whose amazing swordsmanship has been unmatched ... until now.
Weary from a bloody battle, Zatoichi returns to a once peaceful village only to find it overrun by gangsters who have hired Yojimbo to protect them and the stolen horde of the government's gold which they have concealed somewhere in the village.
To free the village from tyranny and restore peace to the village, Zatoichi must team up with Yojimbo and stir up the rival factions to flush out the hidden treasure. Together, they must outwit and outfight the gangsters, hired assassins, and government spies until ultimately they face each other in a duel where winner takes all.
Color, English subtitles, presented in anamorphic widescreen. Region 1 coded.

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