CRITICAL ACCLAIMZatoichi, defender of the innocent.
About Zatoichi ...
"Fans of Wesley Snipes and Blade are doing themselves a distinct disservice if they don't pick up on Home Vision's wildly entertaining and highly cinematic Blind Swordsman series."
--Gary Dretzka, Las Vegas Weekly
"To see how it's done right, check out the three latest Zatoichi flicks ... Any fan of Kurosawa's 'Yojimbo' should sntach these up." --The New York Post
"Infectious story telling, fun action, and impressive blade work." --Playboy
"Home Vision Entertainment has done you the favor of releasing Shintaro Katsu as Ichi in all of his metal-slinging, lethal glory. For those who need their sword fu enhanced, they will be most grateful for a few of these discs."
ŚNeed Coffee
"Any video store kung fu geek worth his weight in used movie ticket stubs would do well to investigate the phenomenon." --Entertainment Today
"'Zatoichi, the Blind Swordsman' is, quite simply, the best action film series ever to come out of Japan. If you haven't seen any of these exceptional action-comedy-dramas, your movie experience isn't complete. They're beautifully filmed, excellently written, wonderfully acted, and to top it off, have some of the most unforgettable action sequences ever filmed anywhere. Don't miss them" --Ric Meyers, Martial Arts Film Author and Columnist
"Shintaro Katsu, the actor, created one of the most memorable on-screen persona ever, on a par with Charlie Chaplin's lonely Tramp, or Clint Eastwood's cowboy Stranger." --Wayne Muromoto, The Hawaii Herald
"One of the ten best martial arts movies of all time!" ("The Blind Swordsman's Cane Sword") --Martial Arts Movies, Meyers, Harlib, Palmer and Palmer
"The action simply takes your breath away with its speed, surprises, and detail ..." ("The Blind Swordsman and the Fugitives") --Wayne Muromoto, The Hawaii Herald
About "The Lone Wolf and Cub" ...
"... [a] stunning visual ballet of violence and bloodletting." -- Leonard Maltin

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