With the New Year soon approaching, Zatoichi, the blind masseur and swordsman, is on his way to Kasama Town for the holiday festivities. Although the inns in town are full, our hero manages to find shared accommodations with some kindly travelers. Zatoichi later discovers one of his inn mates to be a young girl, Osaki, who is searching for her missing father. It appears that Osaki's father, a village leader, mysteriously disappeared while traveling to Edo to protest the oppressive rule of the local magistrate.
The magistrate, Kashima, allied with gangsters led by Boss Jimbei, is responsible for killing Osaki's father. The murder was a desperate attempt to keep the government from discovering their crimes of murder, extortion, and terror at the expense of the frightened townspeople.
Always a champion of the weak, Zatoichi and his deadly cane sword are again caught up in the web of intrigue, bloody sword fights, and death.
Optional English subtitles, 1964, 83 min., color, monaural. Region 1 coded.


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