In this adventure, Zatoichi, the itinerant masseur and swordsman, decides to visit the man who taught him the art of massage. But to his dismay, Ichi learns his old teacher, Hikonoichi, was murdered while traveling to Kyoto to receive the high rank of Kengyo or Master Masseur.
To make matters worse, Hikonoichi's only daughter, Osayo, is now at a brothel owned by the local yakuza (gangster) boss, Tatsugoro. Apparently, Boss Tatsugoro loaned Hikonoichi 100 gold coins for his journey and has since taken Osayo as repayment for the loan.
Suspecting foul play and treachery, Zatoichi vows to rescue the helpless Osayo and avenge his mentor's murder.
Optional English subtitles, 1965, 86 min., color, monaural. Region 1 coded.


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