A specially priced, 6-disc collection of the first 13 Zatoichi TV episodes.
1. "A Challenge of Chance"
2. "The Flower that Bloomed with the Lullaby"
3. "A Memorial Day and The Bell of Life"
4. "The Kannon Statue That Was Tied"
5. (Unknown)
6. "Pouring Rain"
7. "A Bird Lands on Ichi"
8. "An Unforgettable Flower"
9. "The Two Zatoichis"
10. "The Sumo Wrestler who Found His Home"
11. "The Whirlwind of Kisoji"
12. "Humanity and Justice"
13. "The 1000 Ryo Raffle"
Discs: 6
Runtime: Approx. 585 min.
Region 1. Not rated.


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