No good deed goes unpunished for Zatoichi (Katsu Shintaro), the blind masseur and master swordsman. After delivering the baby of a dying women and fullfilling her last wish to take her infant to the town of Shiobara, he finds the father missing and must leave the child with his aunt, Oya-e.
Immediatly taking a liking to the young woman, he resolves to help her when her inn is turned into a brothel by Tetsugoro, the local yakuza boss. Things take a turn for the worse when Zatoichi fights to have ther performers at the upcoming festival perform without a yakuza tax. Enraged by his audacity, Tetsugoro puts a price on the blind man's head. Meanwhile, the baby's father, Sataro, returns home, and a misunderstanding results in him blaming the masseur for his wife's death.
As the danger on both sides escalates, Zatoichi's sword-cane will fly and the blood will flow into the streets!
English subtitles, 1972, color, (not rated). Region 1 coded.

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