On the way to Mt. Fuji to ring in the new year, Zatoichi meets a masterless samurai named Jumonji, an expert chess player. Because Zatoichi also plays the game well, Jumonji befriends the blind masseur and they soon become traveling companions.
Boarding a ship for Enoshima, the pair soon become involved in a heated dice game and easily win all the money from some unsuspecting hoods. Upon reaching shore, the travelers are accosted by the hoods and in the ensuing sword fight, an innocent young girl is seriously injured. Taking full responsibility for the girl's misfortune, Zatoichi later gambles all of his money to pay for the expensive medicine needed for a cure.
Is Jumonji a friend or foe? Zatoichi soon discovers that chess is not his only passion ... Jumonji is also an accomplished killer!
Color, English subtitles. Region 1 coded.

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