Zatoichi stumbles upon a gang of thieves huddled over a dying man. A master swordsman, Zatoichi effortlessly mows down the evil band with one lightning stroke. In his final gasp, the dying man pleads with his rescuer to deliver a bag of money to someone named Taichi. Who is Taichi? Where does he live? On a mission of mercy to fulfill a dying man's final request, our hero finds himself again on the road to adventure.
As luck would have it, Zatoichi meets up with a blind priest who leads him to the once quiet and peaceful town of Ichinomiya. No longer a sleepy haven, the place is now overrun by yakuza. Here Zatoichi not only discovers the mysterious Taichi, but also finds bloodshed and death!
English subtitles, 1966, color, 83 minutes, (not rated). Region 1 coded.

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